Play Group

What is Play Group? Playgroup is a program stemmed from the Rising Titans Collaborative partnership, so stay-at-home families can bring their children to educational play time with other children. Our partners work together to make this happen for Lorain families! 100% of pre-k aged children who participated in Play Group have transitioned to a formal preschool in Lorain.

Play Group is held weekly EVERY Wednesday at the Neighborhood Alliance (Lead Partner) Child Enrichment Services in Lorain
3835 Clifton Ave Lorain, OH 44055

Why is play group important to a child’s development?

Play Group is important in many areas of child development, specifically in socialization and communication. Kindergarten Readiness is more than learning to read, write and spell – it also means that your child is able to share with peers, listen to instruction from adults other than their parents (teachers), ask for help when help is needed, and so much more. Activities in Play Group also incorporate fine motor skills (holding a pencil, grabbing items, squeezing scissors) and gross motor skills (running, jumping, skipping, throwing), along with STEM work.

For more information on the skills your child should know prior to entering Kindergarten, click button below

What structure do you use to play playgroup activities?

Play Group is facilitated through learn-through-play activities where the child doesn’t even know they’re learning and building onto their strengths! All of the Rising Titans partner centers, including the school district, uses a Play-Based Curriculum so it is important for Play Group to align with that structure.

View this short “play-based” learning video for more information. Click button below.

Rising Titans Play Group Mission:

To jumpstart a child’s academic ability in a comfortable, safe, fun and creative way that will give children the confidence needed for preschool, kindergarten and beyond.

Play Group is a place where families can PLAY, LEARN, and CONNECT. Play Group is:

  • Free and open to children ages 2½ -5 who are not in a preschool,
  • A convenient place for adults to meet other parents and caregivers,
  • A place to create strong links to the community and school resources,
  • A place to nurture your child’s drive to play and explore,
  • A place where your child socializes with other children in a safe, friendly environment,
  • A place to create connections for parents and their children

Play Group Structure:

  • Storytime
  • Learn-Through-Play educational activities
  • Crafts
  • Gross Motor play
  • Healthy Eating Snack
  • Parent Empowerment (Future parent cafes)
  • Take home skill building tools for child