create community wide kindergarten readiness in Lorain
Rising Titans Kindergarten
Readiness Collaborative
Preparing children from birth
A System Designed for Parents
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For All Families in Lorain

The Rising Titans Collaborative provides programming and resources for ALL families in Lorain with children ages 0-5 through collaboration with Partners. Rising Titans also puts on various communiuty-wide events that focus on community engagement.

The Rising Titans Collaborative and it’s partners have the overarching goal of creating community wide kindergarten readiness throughout the city of Lorain. Our goal is to design a system that will help parents prepare their child for kindergarten from birth.

Lorain County Imagination Library

Lorain County Imagination Library is open to any child (birth to age five) living in Lorain County. Once enrolled, children receive one book mailed directly to their homes monthly.  Each book is selected for the developmental benefits it brings and for fun. A child will build an at-home library of 60 brand-new books if registered at birth.


Playgroup is a program stemming from the Rising Titans Collaborative partnership, so stay-at-home families can bring their children to educational play time with other children. Our partners work together to make this happen for Lorain families! 100% of pre-k-aged children who participated in Play Group have transitioned to a formal preschool in Lorain.

Trunk or Treat

We had such a great TRUNK OR TREAT on Saturday, October 7th. Thank you to everyone who joined us.




Brought him out of his shell

My name is Aurora Coll and I am the mother of Aviel Otero, a five-year-old boy who’s been attending the Rising Titans Play Group, for a few months now. When my child first started the program, Miss Zuly asked me to list all of the areas in which I felt my son needed help with. Then, she emailed me the material that I could use to help Aviel improve and suggested that I take a few minutes a day to do the work she provided. In only two weeks I could see improvements, and the material provided made it easier for him to retain the information. Miss Zuly sent printable worksheets to learn colors, name, sight words, numbers, etc. and it’s all reinforced with his time in Play Group. My child now knows his name, can do simple adding problems and learned his colors, as well as some sight words. Not to mention the social time he gets with other kids at Play Group has really brought him out of his shell. I find this to be an amazing program with staff that want to take the time to get to know each child’s needs and go out of their way to find the most effective learning strategies for each child.


Quarantine Baby

“Play group is such an awesome experience for my son! He’s a quarantine baby and has been home with me since he was born so he sometimes struggled with social interactions and taking direction from other adults. In just 3 play group sessions I noticed a drastic improvement in how he played with other kids his age and behaved in a group & classroom setting. I love that it’s basically like a free preschool class in that it’s structured to be educational & enriching, focusing on important core skills for a toddler and setting him up for success in the future!”