Our Partner Level Collaborative participants are highly involved in all things Rising Titans. They are what drive the systems and decision-making of any programming and/or initiatives of the group. Partners are required to attend our monthly meetings in order to be as involved as possible in the group’s decision-making. Also, the Collaborative collects developmental screening data from partner centers, as we strive to align systems amongst centers to ensure consistency amongst Lorain early learning centers for the benefit of Kindergarten readiness. This data is analyzed quarterly so we are able to test solutions amongst us all, whether that be Teacher professional development, Parent engagement or additional supplies in the classroom. For Rising Titans Collaborative Partner inquiries, please contact the Collaborative Director, Katelyn, via email at

As a mental health professional, having a seat at the table regarding kindergarten readiness for Lorain County residents has been important and engaging work. Rising Titans is a great opportunity to come together with other Lorain County collaborators to support our youngest community members”- Lauren Cieslak, ATR-BC LPCC-S Mental Health, Addiction and Recovery Services Board of Lorain County

As a member of the Rising Titans Collaborative, families at our Lorain Child Enrichment Services Program are offered a variety of family engagement events – our families love the Trunk-or-Treat event in the fall! Also, the children in our program benefit from Child Development Assessments provided to our families at no additional charge. Through our work with Rising Titans, we are able to build up and communicate with a variety of resources and programs that are available to help support the children and families we serve.” –Sarah Bishop, Director of Child Enrichment Services, Neighborhood Alliance

“Since we have joined the Rising Titans Collaborative as a partner, it has been extremely helpful in learning about age specific resources and events for the children and families we work with inside of Lorain County. Our families often need names and recommendations for other health, childcare and academic resources and RTC has been a great landing space for that.” –Elizabeth O’Sicky, Applewood Centers Inc. Early Childhood Mental Health Program Supervisor